One-off Ghost installations and services

Gloat sets up and updates self-hosted Ghost sites so you can unlock cheap hosting.

What is self-hosting?

Gloat is a concierge service for Ghost installations and updates.

Gloat installs and updates Ghost sites, so you can avoid dealing with servers but unlock hosting—on a server you control—at $5/month.

Gloat handles the fiddly parts of Ghost like installing the code, adding SSL certificates and setting up memberships, payments and email newsletters.

One-off updates and ongoing support packages keep your Ghost site running the latest and greatest blogging software.

Concentrate on your writing.

More interested in a managed host?
Check out Gloat's new hosting offering:
$199 $149 for a year of unlimited Ghost hosting

The same day I decided to launch a Ghost site, I got hooked up with Dan and Gloat.

Less than 24 hours later, my site was live and looked great. It shouldn't be this easy, but with Gloat it is.

Dave Nemetz
Co-founder of Bleacher Report

Affordable Ghost services


Ghost installation

A standard Ghost installation, great for starting a new blog.
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Ghost + Memberships

Get a new Ghost blog plus memberships, email newsletters and paid subscriptions.
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Ghost update

Get your existing Ghost site (on any host) running on the latest version.
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From $99/quarter

Ghost maintenance

Get ongoing server support and frequent Ghost updates.
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Why use Gloat?

Ghost, the blogging software, is free and open-source. Did you know that you don’t need to pay $36/month for a Ghost blog?

Gloat helps non-developers set up self-hosted Ghost sites, which are a lot cheaper to run. For a simple one-off fee, you get a Ghost site fully set-up on your behalf so you can pay just $5/month for hosting instead.

Gloat can also update your current Ghost site to the latest version, so you don’t need to do any server work.

I liked how Ghost looked but didn't want to deal with the headache of starting all over again with a new platform.

Gloat is perfect. Dan helps you make the switch with no headache. Highly recommended!

Norman Chella
That's The Norm

Hi, I'm Dan.

I am your pay-as-you-go Ghost developer.

I want to help non-developers unlock cheap Ghost hosting and offer flexibility for ongoing updates and maintenance.

I have been building on the web since the 90s. I am a full-stack developer and run many web-based projects.

Ghost is my favourite publishing platform and I firmly believe in its mission for helping writers both publish and make money from their work.

I have installed and managed numerous Ghost blogs, and my aim with Gloat is to make self-hosted sites easy and cheap for non-developers to set up and maintain. If you’re struggling to set up or update Ghost, I can help.

—Dan Rowden

P.S.: I also run some other Ghost-related projects:

Cove (comments for Ghost blogs)
Tools for Ghost (directory of add-ons for Ghost)
RDN Themes (affordable modern themes for Ghost)